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Amazing Synergy of
Gold & Snail

Gold has been regarded as the best raw material for beauty,cleaning,moisturizing and nutrition for the skin and snail extract was found to have good effect on the skin beauty. Gold & Snail extract has synergy effect on the skin when both are used together in cosmetics.

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24K Gold Extract

Refine scarce 24K gold to high purity to deliver energy to the skin more densely and deeply.

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Low Temperature Fermented and Extracted
Snail Extract

Snail has mucin, allantoin,collagen etc., and it has skin moisturizing and elasticity effect. with plenty of bioactive substances to be maximized absorbed into the skin.

Ultimate Secret Formula for
Elegant Skin

Skin Circulation

Gently stimulates and boosts up

Intensive Care

Recovers tired skin with elasticity

Instant Care

Restores strong and tight skin layers

Skin Purification

Keeps your skin glow with luxurious care

Hydration & Radiance

Clear and bright as if you just washed the face

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Golden Glowing

Gold with magical energy, grown by the power of the soil for thousands of years, Snail with strong vitality and resilience.

Emulsion to create the moisturizing barrier by getting delicately and smoothly absorbed into the skin and proctecting your rough skin softly.

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Skin care

Deeper and stronger synergy effect of gold snail allows you to get perfectly elegant skin that you have never felt.

Our Promise to True Beauty

All the raw ingredients are safe and no-harmful,being made in south korea factory with CGMP facility.

With the perfect combination of Gold & Korean fermented Snail, the beauty secret of the empress which passed down from the ancient times provides you with deeper and censer skin care effects .

We are responsible for the quality of the cosmetics you receive!

Goldenious Gold Snail gives you beneficial skin effects thanks to the scientific technologies that maximize effectiveness on the skin and by going through strict ingredient collecting process.

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